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Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

PartIT is part of ŽEJN Group and is an international vendor of high-tech solutions.

We provide solutions to the private and public sectors and specialize in delivering advanced software solutions as well as sophisticated solutions for polymer recycling and reutilization.
At PartIT, we are driven by a vision for a brighter tomorrow and are committed to shaping a better future.

PartIT technology Solutions:

Software Solutions: Empowering Your Vision

Delivering highly specialized software solutions tailored for inspection and other business processes, our expert personnel deploy both INSPIS and ShakeSpeare®. In addition, we maintain a close partnership status for the ShakeSpeare® Software solution. The software to brings your ideas to life, precisely tailored with your unique needs. Embrace a future of technology crafted by our dedicated team of skilled programmers and visionaries.

Polymer Recycling Machinery: Revolutionizing Sustainable Growth

Witness the dawn of a greener era with our advanced polymer recycling machinery. Engineered with precision by our team of talented engineers, it revolutionizes waste management and nurtures a cleaner environment. 

At partIT, we believe combining technology solutions with sustainable practices creates a powerful synergy. Our dedicated team of programmers, engineers, and enthusiastic individuals endeavors to shape a brighter tomorrow. Together, we forge pathways that harmonize technological progress with environmental preservation.  

Let’s create a legacy that transforms industries and empowers businesses. 

PartIT offers you: 

  • Advanced software solutions for inspection and other business processes
  • Advanced Polymer Recycling Machinery

For those products, we offer a wide range of services from:

  • Consulting and Designing
  • Implementation and Personalization
  • Testing and putting into operation
  • Maintenance and upgrades

PartIT projects:

INSPIS projects:

Comprehensive solutions and services for the computerization of inspection systems in the Republic of Slovenia: 

  • Comprehensive and advanced information system for managing INSPIS inspection procedures.
  • Upgrade of the central system to the Mobile Inspector solution.
  • Advanced building blocks of e-business systems: digital signatures, integrations with time stamps and various databases, and other technological components.


Consulting in the renovation, digitization, and optimization of business processes in the public and private sectors: 

  • Business, cost, and structural optimization.
  • Renovation of operational and back business processes.
  • Implementation and integration of BPM and DMS tool ShakeSpeare® Software (https://shakespeare-software.com) – we are a certified ShakeSpeare® Partner.


We collaborate with as many as twelve inspectorates in Slovenia: 

  • Public Agency for Railway Transport of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Ministry of Infrastructure, Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure 
  • Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Labor 
  • City Municipality of Ljubljana
  • Ministry of Finance, Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Ministry of Tourism and Sport
  • Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Space
  • Ministry of Solidarity Future
  • Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Space 

Vision and mission of PartIT:

By harnessing current technologies, we aim to achieve heightened work efficiency in just 5-6 daily hours, fostering happier, more fulfilled lives. This will boost innovation and professionalism. Expect positive tech-driven changes by 2030. ŽEJN Group aims to lead global robotization and redefine business processes in Legal, Health, Manufacturing, Accounting, and other industries.


With its cutting-edge solutions, PartIT is building towards becoming the leader in the automation and robotization of processes within the Inspection and Recycling industries. PartIT wants to become a synonym for a provider of comprehensive and advanced solutions and services for process support and automation. 

Constant progress 

We want to transfer good practices from the structured and regulated environment. With our solutions, we strive to be a direct influence to generate immediate savings and efficiency for our clients and their end users.


Our sustainability strategy is based on a circular economy. This is a renewable energy model in which resources are conserved, intermediate products are reused, and waste is recycled. It is essential to have an efficient waste management system in place and to ensure high-quality standards. This directly reduces the negative impacts on the environment. We believe that it is extremely important for organizations to behave in sustainable ways, as every company is part of society as a whole. Only together can we make great changes. 



Knowledge and quality 

With our knowledge, ideas, and experience, we positively influence selected business processes in companies and public institutions. Links with educational and research institutions play a special role in building our knowledge. We cooperate with a wide range of partner companies and research, thus ensuring that we are regularly informed about developments in technology, process approaches, and the state of the art. 

Comprehensive solution and personal approach 

In addition to providing software solutions, quality consultancy is a key element in improving complex and important systems. If you are considering how to implement modern technologies to optimize your business in your company or organization, we invite you to consult our experts on the best possible approaches. There is a good chance that we will be able to help you with the knowledge, expertise, and contacts you need. 

Using the most advanced technologies 

We provide regular training to our partners and employees, as well as regular information exchanges with technology companies across the region. In this way, we are aware of what modern approaches are, what they look like, and, above all, what has proven to be best practices in the past or where problems may have arisen. 

Company Business card:

CompanyPartIT d.o.o.
Business addressLetališka cesta 32, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Authorized RepresentativeErnest Žejn and Aleksander Žejn
Registration number6527604000
Tax numberSI53889576
Main activityComputer programming, 62.010
Bank accounts:

IBAN SI56 2900 0005 2116 890, UNICREDIT BANKA SLOVENIJA d.d.

PartIT d.o.o.

Letališka cesta 32, 1000 Ljubljana

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