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This website, which includes the entry page with the associated domain and all other related websites and domains (hereinafter only the ‘website’), is operated by Žejn d.o.o.

The website, together with all its works, such as data, texts and photographs, is copyrighted. Published images and documents representing the copyrighted work of third parties are published with their permission.

Žejn allows you to view, copy, print and download the material from the website for informational purposes only, provided that the copyrights retain copyright notice. Any use, reproduction, modification and public display of material from this website without the prior written permission of Žejn is prohibited.

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The user of the website (hereinafter: the user) is considered to be acquainted with the terms of use at the moment when he begins to actively access the data on the website.

The content on the website is copyrighted.

Any use of the data outside of its primary purpose requires the prior permission of the proprietor or copyright holder. The purpose is based on generally accepted principles, rules and customs of the World Wide Web and information technology.

The user agrees to the use of personal data for advertising or research purposes at the time he provides his data. In order to unsubscribe from the content or to stop the use of personal data, the user must request an opt-out from the administrator in a written message.

For all data transmitted electronically, the administrator shall ensure respect for privacy and information security to the extent and in the manner usual for comparable activities.
The custodian assumes responsibility for the transmitted data only when it is transmitted in an appropriate manner.

Data retention is carried out in accordance with applicable Slovenian legislation.

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Privacy policy

The material published on the website is copyrighted. Unauthorized use of the information is not permitted. Copying and reproduction are permitted only with the express permission of the author.

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